Program Thoughts


The Aim of the Boy Scouts of Canada is to help boys, youth and young men develop their character as resourceful and responsible members of the community by providing opportunities and guidance for their mental, physical, social and spiritual development.


Man must, to the best of his ability:

  • Love and Serve God:
  • Respect and act in accordance with the human dignity and rights of individuals;
  • Recognize the obligations on himself to develop and maintain his potential.

Troop Program Thoughts

The Program is - What Scouts Do Together.

- Activities, going places, doing things

These don't happen without PLANNING - carefully.

Ideas - from boys through P.L. and Court of Honour.

So, planning should be a cooperative exercise by the boys themselves with the leader helping
to achieve a consensus on a course of action.The leader's work is mainly behind the scenes.

A Program should:

  1. Provide an opportunity for the group to participate in activities which they enjoy.
  2. Provide a situation where new skills and information can be learned.
  3. Provide an environment in which the group can grow and develop in mutual trust and friendship.
- The Patrol is the basic program unit.

- Involve the boys in program planning.

Beaver Program Objectives

The objectives of the Beaver program are to provide guidance in and opportunities for:

  • developing an awareness of God and fellow men
  • developing an awareness of nature
  • encouraging self-expression
  • developing a sense of belonging and sharing
  • having an energy outlet
  • joining in non-competitive group activities
  • learning through fun
  • showing love and joy
  • being happy

Wolf Cub Program Objectives

To assist boys of Cub age to develop their potential and adjust to their environment by providing opportunities for enjoyable activities that enable them:

  • to interact in small groups;
  • to develop feelings of belonging and achievement;
  • to practice leadership skills;
  • to develop a sense of fair play and justice;
  • to satisfy their curiosity and need for adventure;
  • to have new experiences;
  • to develop fitness and creative skills;
  • to make choices and decisions;
  • to learn by doing.

Scout Program Objectives

  1. To provide opportunities for satisfying proper personal relationships and a sense of achievement among boys through membership in small friendship and interest groups.
  2. To provide appealing and challenging activities for these groups, designed to meet the needs and capacities of the members.
  3. Through these activities, to:
    • promote health and fitness;
    • promote knowledge of and provide experience in the local and wider community;
    • promote appreciation of and provide experience in the out-of-doors;
    • provide opportunities for and training in community service.
  4. To provide for and encourage individual hobbies, interests and skills and through them a sense of individual achievement.

Venturer Program Objectives

  1. To help youth develop:
    • through working toward adult activities and learning skills which adults and peers recognize as being at an adult level;
    • through participation in a variety of cultural and social activities;
    • through meeting new people and making new friends;
    • through participation in a variety of challenging physical activities which will promote the development of self up to one's potential;
    • through vocational exploration and the opportunity for practice.
  2. To increase understanding and ability to work with others by reinforcing existing contacts and creating opportunities for new ones to develop.
  3. To help youth mature by providing for an adult or club-style structure in the Venturer company.

Rover Program Objectives

Within the Aim of Boy Scouts of Canada, the purpose of the Rover program is to encourage young adults to become self-directing personalities and responsible participants in the world around them.

  1. To promote self-development, to help the individual in establishing his own life style and a sense of self-identity, individual attitudes, skills and values. To ensure an atmosphere that places value on spiritual depth, human joy and a sense of humour.
  2. To provide for participation in group oriented activity to develop meaningful and lasting friendships, to complement the need for self-discovery and personal freedom, within the context of group responsibility and accountability. To provide opportunities for members to develop physically and to participate in satisfying outdoor activities.
  3. To become aware and understand the needs of the community, participate in community affairs and actively aid in the development of a better society.