Holding A Successful Beaveree

Setting Up A Beaveree

This manual describes the process for holding a successful Beaveree; the focus is on the sequence of preparatory events leading up to the actual event; particular emphasis is placed on planning and co-ordinating activities.

The content of this manual is based on a collection of documents and ideas which have resulted in a number of successful Beaverees in the York Summit District; attendance at this event for 1991 is well over 550 Beavers and 250 Adults (including leaders and parent helpers). Contributors to this document are as follows:

  • Jan Getson
  • Merrily Beauchemin
  • David Craig
  • the 1987/1988/1989/1990/1991 Beaveree Co-Ordinators.

    Special thanks to these Colony Scouters for their valuable contributions.

    Herb Schranz