Holding A Successful Beaveree

Planning Activities

Good planning is the key to success! This should be self evident to leaders who run a successful Colony program where the Beavers and the Leaders have fun; and, the Leaders work as a team. The planning of a Beaveree continues to use the Leadership Team approach to ensure everyone has a part in the event and everyone knows what is expected of them and their colony.

Planning for the Beaveree is done over a series of meetings with the majority of the plan coming out during the first two of these meetings; the remaining meetings are to obtain a status of the planned activities and provide feedback to the colonies. We, in York Summit District, have found that 4 main meetings appear to be just right; these meetings are:

Meeting #1: Start-up and Initial Planning

  • usually held about 6 months before the Beaveree
  • all interested Colonies are represented
  • Co-Ordinators are obtained
  • a theme for the Beaveree is chosen
  • a suitable date and a rain date
  • cost is discussed (in preparation for a budget)
  • Pre-Registration forms are handed out

    Meeting #2: Colony Activity Review and Pre-Registration

  • each Co-Ordinator provides an update
  • spending guidelines for each Colony are discussed
  • Pre-Registration form is submitted by each Colony
  • budget is set (entry costs, etc.)
  • location is firmed up
  • Registration forms are handed out

    Meeting #3: Registration Night

  • each Colony registers their attendees
  • payment received for the Beavers only
  • some discussion on what each Colony is doing

    Meeting #4: Pickup of Registration Kits

  • each Colony picks up their Registration Kit
  • last minute registrations are accepted

    After each of the meetings, an update letter is sent to each Key Colony Leader and/or the representative at the meeting from that Colony. It is strongly recommended that the Key Colony Leader be kept apprised of what is happening and that the Colony was or was not represented at the meeting.

    To ensure representation, the Communications Co-Ordinator(s) contact each of the Key Leaders or the Colony representative to remind them of the meeting, the time, and location.