Holding a Successful Beaveree

Meeting #1


The first meeting is normally held 6 months prior to the proposed date of the Beaveree. This is the initial planning meeting and should be represented by all Colonies; it is suggested that a log be kept of Colony attendance at every meeting to ensure that they are involved in the planning process and provide their input.

The purpose of the first meeting is as follows:

  • obtain volunteers to fill the co-ordinating roles;
  • provide the volunteers with a 'Job Description' of what is expected of them (duties and responsibilities);
  • choose a theme for the Beaveree;
  • select a date and also a rain date;
  • start building a budget (based on last year's revenues and expenses);
  • establish the subsequent meeting dates;
  • provide information on what a Beaveree is for those Colony Leaders who may be new to the section or have never attended a Beaveree before;
  • provide information on subsequent meetings.

Preparing for the meeting:

  • establish a meeting date, time, and place
  • ensure all Colonies are contacted and advised of the meeting
  • explain to new Colonies what a Beaveree is all about
  • bring along crests from previous Beaverees
  • prepare an agenda and list of expectations from the meeting
  • remind the key leaders to send at least one representative and that the colony must be in attendance at 2 of the meetings; it's okay to send a non-leader as long as the parent understands the responsibilities associated with representing the colony

Starting the Meeting

  • have all colony representatives sign in on a log; name, colony representing (it's okay to have more than one person from each colony attend), address, and phone number;
  • review what a Beaveree is all about; explain what each colony will be responsible for, what are rotations, how the registration fee is used (crests, rent of facilities, refreshments, incidental costs, craft supplies, etc);
  • review the role of the co-ordinators and obtain a volunteer for each of the following responsibilities (see Sample Responsibility Descriptions):
    • site selection and booking
    • Registration
    • Treasurer
    • Ground/site set-up
    • Refreshments
    • Crest design and acquisition
    • Publicity
    • Security and 1st Aid
    • Communications
    • Beaveree Advisor
    • Activity schedule and rotation schedule
  • select a theme for the Beaveree
    • brainstorm and write down ideas on possible themes (anything goes, at this stage of the game)
    • explore some of the ideas to see if they are do-able
      • lend itself to craft/game?
      • has it been done before? how successful?
      • can some ideas be combined into one really good one? lots of possibilities!
    • take a poll (vote) on which ideas are best suited
      • it's okay to vote for more than one
    • the idea with the most supporters is the one you want!
  • handout sheets for each colony to bring to the next meeting
    • Preliminary Information Sheet (See Sample Attached)
      • need numbers for ordering crests and other things dependent on number of attendees (i.e., big enough site)
    • Leader Information (see SAMPLE attached)
  • provide information on what topics will be covered at the next meeting
    • lunch arrangements (bring own?)
    • registration fee
    • selection of a crest design
    • selection of a suitable location
    • budget items (expenses)
    • how to handle cost of craft supplies
    • etc.