Holding a Successful Beaveree

Meeting #2


The second meeting is normally held 4 months prior to the proposed date of the Beaveree. This gives each of the Colonies time to plan their activities and obtain some preliminary information on how many Beavers, Keeos, Leaders, and parent helpers will be attending the Beaveree.

The purpose of the second meeting is as follows:

  • provide preliminary information on Colony activities, number of attendees (Boys, leaders, and parent helpers);
  • establish ball-park costs and expected revenues;
  • select a suitable site so it can be booked in time (booking may be done prior to the meeting, providing the majority of the co-ordinators agree on the date, time, and place);
  • ensure the site is available on the required date and also on the rain date;
  • review the crest designs and obtain decision on which one to order (based on costs/estimates);
  • establish lunch arrangements for boys and adults;
  • set a maximum re-imbursement ceiling for craft supplies (for each colony which is doing a craft).
  • other items, as needed.

    Preparing for the Meeting:
  • remind each colony of the date, time, and place; and, what to bring to the meeting (i.e.; Preliminary Information sheet on activities, attendees, etc.);
  • ensure bank account is set up properly (at least 2 signators);
  • develop 'Registration Form' and make copies for each Colony;
  • prepare an agenda and list of expectations from the meeting;
  • other handout material, as needed:
  • Leader Information Sheet
  • Parental consent form
  • Registration form to be used by each colony to keep track of individual attendees.

  • Starting the Meeting

  • have all colony representatives sign in on a log; name, colony representing (it's okay to have more than one person from each colony attend), address, and phone number;
  • obtain a brief status report from each Co-Ordinator to ensure each of the areas are covered off adequately and provide additional help/resources where there are potential areas of concern or slippage;
  • obtain agreement from the attendees on the following items:
  • crest design
  • Location (and confirm date, time; and rain date)
  • Lunch arrangements
  • Major budget items
  • Proposed registration fee (per boy)
  • Re-imbursement (maximum for each colony)
  • other items, as required
  • review how each of the forms (being handed out) are to be filled out and when to be returned; review the purpose of each of the forms:
  • Parent consent form
  • Registration (form)
  • Request for Re-Imbursement of craft supply costs