Holding a Successful Beaveree

Meeting #2 Follow-up

There are several activities which should be undertaken after the second meeting; some of these activities apply to every meeting.

It is strongly recommended that notes/updates are produced during each meeting and an update sent to each of the key Colony leaders and the person representing the colony.

The update letter following the second meeting should include what was decided at the meeting; it might be useful to also provide another listing of the Co-Ordinators along with their phone numbers.

A phone call should be placed to those colonies which did not attend the meeting to ensure their participation and/or determine the reason for not participating in the Beaveree.

It is also appropriate to include in the update letter the list of items/topics to be covered at the next meeting and to remind Colonies that their participation and input is a very important part of the planning process.

The Co-Ordinators should hold a meeting to determine what actions to take for those activities which are falling behind or for those which the assigned Co-Ordinator needs assistance, asking for additional Co-Ordinators for some of the functions is in order, as needed. This also provides others with the opportunity to learn more about the Co-Ordinator's jobs and provides an excellent opportunity for ensuring continuity (the more people know about a job the more likely they are to step forward and volunteer the next time!).