Holding a Successful Beaveree

Meeting #3


The third meeting is normally held 2 months prior to the date of the Beaveree. This meeting is when each of the Colonies register their attendees along with the registration fee. At the option of the Registrar, Beaveree Advisor, and Beaveree Co-ordinators, the registration of Colonies and additional boys can be kept open until the date of the Beaveree. Holding open the registration ensures that all Colonies and boys are given the opportunity to attend the Beaveree.

Topics covered at this meeting are:

  • obtain a filled in Registration form and a cheque covering the Registration fee from each Colony attending the Beaveree;
  • provide information on what activities are planned after this meeting:

  • development of a Rotation Schedule
  • assigning Colonies to locations
  • preparation of the Registration Kit
  • obtaining the refreshements
  • preparing the site (stakes and location numbers)
  • handing out of Crests
  • developing procedures for re-imbursing colonies for craft supply costs
  • handling of late registrations
  • procedures for on-site registration
  • Preparing for the Meeting:

  • remind each colony of the date, time, and place; and, what to bring to the meeting (i.e.; Preliminary Information sheet on activities, attendees, etc.);
  • setting up procedures for handling pre-event deposits;
  • reviewing procedures for late registrations;
  • it is recommended that the Beaveree Co-Ordinators meet prior to the meeting to discuss logistics (i.e., preparing the Registration Kits, determining Rotation Schedules, stuffing the Crests in the Registration Kits, obtaining refreshments and how to keep them cool during a hot day, how to notify each colony of rain-outs, etc.)

    Starting the Meeting

  • have all colony representatives sign in on a log; name, colony representing (it's okay to have more than one person from each colony attend), address, and phone number;
  • the Registrar and the Treasurer obtain the filled in Registration form and accompanying cheque from each Colony; check for the following information:
  • cheque made payable to (appropriate payee);
  • number of Beavers, Keeos, Leaders, and Adult Helpers;
  • Colony activity provided (Craft/Game/Song/Story/Other) and a brief description of the activity;
  • amount of cheque correct;
  • indicate paid if full and date;
  • provide a receipt for the cheque.
  • provide a 'Request for re-imbursement of craft supply costs' form if one is available; or, provide information on when and how this form will be made available;