Holding a Successful Beaveree

Meeting #3 Follow-up

The follow-up for the third meeting is intended to ensure that all the Colonies are given an opportunity to attend the Beaveree.

It is strongly recommended that notes/updates are produced during each meeting and an update sent to each of the key Colony leaders and the person representing the colony.

The update letter following the third meeting should include some reference as to how many Colonies have registered and the process for late registration; include the names and phone numbers of individuals who will accept late registrations.

Also included in this update letter is information on the 4th meeting; this is when the Registration Kits will be handed out to each of the registered colonies; it is recommended that a list of what will be in this Registration Kit be included in the update.

The Co-Ordinators will meet sometimes before the 4th meeting for the following purpose(s):

  • develop a Site Location for each of the Colonies based on the activities (space activities appropriately so there is a mix of crafts/games for the boys);
  • develop a Rotation Schedule to let each Colony know at what location to start;
  • prepare instructions on what to bring/not to bring, rules on smoking, parking, set-up, lunch, attendee lists, entry permits to the site for drivers, wearing of uniforms, name tags for the boys, early arrival of leaders for set-up, how rotations are done, etc.;
  • review the procedures for cancelling in the event of rain (how to cancel, how to inform everyone, etc.);
  • ensure all supplies are available (keeping refreshments cold, registration/administration area, setting up the location identifications, etc.).