Holding a Successful Beaveree

Leader Information

1. Please remember that we, in Scouting, are 'Environmentally friendly'; so, remind your parent helpers of the following:

  • we recycle drink containers (cans, tetra packs, plastic cups, etc);
  • we use mugs for drinks, instead of throw-away cups;
  • we clean up after ourselves and leave a place cleaner than we found it;
  • we don't damage or destroy living things;
  • we encourage others to be 'Environmentally Friendly'.

    2. ALCOHOL is strictly prohibited at any Scouting event where boys are present!

    3. We strongly discourage smoking in front of the boys; for the Beaveree, a place will be set aside (away from the boys) where smokers can indulge; please contact the Administration Area for the location of the smoking place. Also, in keeping with item #1 above, we don't throw cigarette butts on the ground!

    4. Please ensure that all boys are safely accounted for before you leave for home.

    5. A First Aid area will be set up on the site; this area will be manned by representatives from St. John's Ambulance.

    6. Please encourage your parents to car Pool to the site; an Entry Permit is available which should be presented at the gate. Do Not Pay at the Gate!

    7. Beavers must wear their uniform to and from the Beaveree, and for the Opening and Closing ceremonies. Leaders are expected to be in uniform throughout the day!

    8. All boys are to wear name tags indicating their name and their Colony (Group name).

    9. Please remind your Parents that the boys are to bring appropriate clothing for the weather; especially rain gear, in the event of rain!

    10. All vehicles must be off the site and in the designated parking areas by 9:00 when the boys arrive.

    11. Remember this is an event for BEAVERS only (and your KEEOs); siblings are strongly discouraged from attending; and, your parent helpers are there to help and not to socialize!

    12. Please arrange for some of your leaders to arrive on the site at 8:00 to set up your tent/dining shelter and prepare for the activities your colony is doing; set up should be complete before your boys arrive (at 9:00).

    13. How to get to the Beaveree at the Camp (see Site Map): The Camp is located on Highway 999, three Kilometers north of Sideroad 55. (see Site Map).

    We are looking for several volunteers to act as the official Beaveree photographers. If you have some qualified parents in your group who are willing to take photographs, please let me know as soon as possible. We will re-imburse the photographers for the cost of the film and developing.