Holding a Successful Beaveree

The Beaveree

On the day of the Beaveree, the following activities need to be looked after/considered:

  • Administration area:

    set up a central area from which the Beaveree can be directed; this becomes the focal point for registering who is on the site, for lost items, for the Public Address System, for 1st Aid requirements, for Security issues, for general directions, and for other administrative matters.

  • Moderator:

    an individual should be assigned/identified to make announcements over the Public Address System; this individual keeps track of when rotations should be done and is generally in charge of keeping things on time and moving.

  • Refreshments:

    the preparation and distribution of refreshments should be handled from the Administration area; a suitable spot should be designated for making coffee/hot chocolate, for keeping drinks cold, and for storing the donuts/goodies for the support staff. It is recommended that someone be assigned to look after the coffee making process.

  • Site Set-up and Traffic:

    when the set-up of the Colony locations is completed, someone needs to be available to handle questions from Colonies as to where they are to go (find their site).

    You should also identify and publish information on how to handle lost and found stuff (there will always be some of this); also, there will be incidents of boys not being with their Colony at all times (that's why boys are required to wear name tags showing what Colony they belong to).