Holding a Successful Beaveree

Crest Design, Purchase, and Distribution

1. Obtain a suitable design for the Beaveree Crest based on the theme; ensure the Crest contains the following information:

  • District
  • Beaveree theme
  • Year of the event

    2. Obtain pricing information from several suppliers; the minimum order is based on the estimate of the total number of boys, leaders, and support staff attending (security staff, 1st Aiders, and Service Team).

    3. Recommend a supplier and obtain agreement from the Beaveree Committee.

    4. Confirm the number of estimated attendees with the Registrar and place an order with the vendor (suggest the order contain an option to increase the number, given sufficient lead time); establish a date with the vendor when the Crests will be available (at least 3-4 weeks prior to the event).

    5. Provide the Treasurer with cost estimates and obtain any monies required for 'down payment'.

    6. Make suitable arrangements to recognize Colonies which participated in the design of the Crest.

    7. Pick up the Crests when they are available and ensure they are included in the Registration Kits for each the of the colonies; ensure each Colony has a sufficient number of Crests.

    8. Sort the Crests into Colonies (as per Registration forms); include a Crest for each of the following:
  • 1 for each boy attending the Beaveree (Beavers + Keeos)
  • 1 for each leader attending
  • 1 for each support staff (Security, 1st Aider, Service Team member)
  • 1 for each District Council Executive member
  • 1 or more for 'sponsors' who donated to the Beaveree
  • others, at the discretion of the Beaveree Committee

    9. Ensure all invoices are paid on time to take advantage of discounts.

    10. Provide an update on the Crest activities at each of the Beaveree Meetings, as required.