Holding a Successful Beaveree

Security and 1st Aid

1. Arrange for on-site Security support by contacting the Venturer or Rover co-Ordinator to obtain names of groups who would provide this service:

  • arrange for communications equipment;
  • ensure funds are set aside to pay for communications equipment.

    2. Provide instructions to the Security staff on security procedures
  • who is in charge;
  • emergency procedures;
  • communications;
  • traffic control (on site and parking areas);
  • onsite vehicles (1st Aid and Public Address vehicle).

    3. Arrange for St. John's Ambulance to come on site for the event; send formal request, in writing, and follow this up with a letter to confirm the arrangements.

    4. Provide suitable location for an on-site 1st Aid station which is sheltered and has easy access to the road; ensure a vehicle is available in the event of emergency transport requirement.

    5. Ensure 1st Aid staff and Security staff are provided with a Beaveree crest and are properly thanked for their work

    6. Ensure all invoices are paid on time.