Holding a Successful Beaveree


1. Set up a bank account with at least 3 authorized signators (2 are needed for each cheque issued).

2. Set up a budget for the Beaveree; account for revenues and expenses paid for the following items:

  • Registration fees received;
  • Sponsorship donations;
  • Purchasing of Crests;
  • Site entrance fees;
  • Security equipment;
  • Refreshment costs;
  • Postage, copying costs, meeting costs, supplies;
  • Craft supply cost re-imbursed to colonies;
  • Incidentals (publicity/photo expenses).

    3. Pay expenses upon receipt of invoices or proof of payment.

    4. Maintain financial records on transactions and have this available for Committee meetings.

    5. Deposit cheques from registration and sponsorship (if any).

    6. Provide a financial statement of revenues and expenses at the end of the Beaveree; if possible, this accounting to be included in the Annual General Report for the York Summit District.

    7. Transfer the Bank Account to the new Treasurer for the next year's Beaveree; provide financial guidance and advice to this new Treasurer, as required.