Holding a Successful Beaveree


1. Develop a Registration form to include the following information:

  • date of event, name of Colony, number of Beavers attending;
  • number of Keeos attending, number of Leaders attending;
  • number of parent helpers attending; colony activity;
  • registration costs and how to make payment;
  • registration date.

    2. Provide a sample announcement/consent form for each Colony (to be sent home to each parent); include information such as:
  • Date, time, and location of the Beaveree;
  • brief description of the Beaveree;
  • cost per boy and what this cost covers;
  • what each boy is to bring to the Beaveree;
  • role of parent helpers;
  • permission/consent form.

    3. Develop a Leader Information sheet containing:
  • checklist of what to bring;
  • registration process;
  • on-site registration process;
  • uniforms (boys and leaders);
  • housekeeping.

    4. Develop a Preliminary Information sheet to provide information on:
  • number of boys/leaders/parent helpers attending;
  • colony activities and description of the activity;
  • Colony representative (name, phone number, address).

    5. Distribute the appropriate forms at each of the meetings:
  • Meeting #1: Preliminary Information Sheet(s);
  • Meeting #2: Registration Form; Leader Information Form; Consent/Information Form.

    6. Collect the Preliminary Information sheets and provide estimates on attendance to the Committee for ordering refreshments and the Crests, and for budgeting purposes.

    7. Collect the Registration Forms and the Registration Fee and ensure that the Treasurer receives the funds for depositing into the Beaveree bank account.

    8. Assist in preparing the Registration Kits and distriguting them to the Colonies; assist in the on-site registration activities on the day of the event.

    9. Provide an update on the Registration activities at each of the Beaveree Meetings, as required.