Holding a Successful Beaveree

Beaveree Advisor

1. Organize all planned meetings and chair them; ensure all agenda items are covered and positions are filled; arrange for a meeting place and ensure everyone is advised of the date, time, and location of each of the meetings; develop an agenda for each meeting.

2. Provide the minutes of the meetings to the attendees and to each of the key leaders in the Colonies; issue regular updates to the Colonies and Beaveree representatives.

3. Resolve any problems arising, including financial matters.

4. Organize Committee meetings and ensure attendance.

5. Ensure the following items/actions/events are properly managed:

  • Financial accounting practices followed;
  • Location stakes, site maps, instructions provided;
  • Disposition of excess Crests;
  • Invoices paid on time;
  • Location permit obtained;
  • Registration forms;
  • Crests;
  • Security and 1st Aid arrangements;
  • Public Address System;
  • Service Team Help for the Beaveree;
  • Volunteers properly recognized and thanked;
  • Information provided to the District executive.

    6. Provide advice and guidance to the Beaveree Committee on any matter pertaining to the Beaveree.

    7. Develop and publish a Beaveree report to the District, including attendance information and financial position.

    8. Develop, maintain, and publish the process on how to effectively hold a Beaveree.