Holding a Successful Beaveree

Developing an Activity Schedule

An Activity Schedule is different from a Rotation Schedule; the Activity Schedule provides a listing of the day's program (including opening/closing Ceremonies) and at what time they start; the Rotation Schedule provides each Colony with their Home Base location and from which location they will start the day's program (after the Opening Ceremony is complete).

The Activity Schedule is in chronological order and shows the start time of all 'activities' planned for the day; it starts with the Service Team arriving on the site to do 'Site Set-up'; then, some of the leaders arrive from the Colonies to set-up each location for their activity; then, the boys arrive; and so on.

An Activity Schedule can be developed ahead of the Rotation Schedule and be given to each of the Colonies well in advance of the Beaveree; this Activity Schedule provides information as to when they should be on the site, when the boys should be on the site, and when the Beaveree is planned to be completed (so parents can pick their boys up)