Crafts For Beavers

These crafts and files were originally published on the Jim Speirs website. They have been reproduced here in exactly the same scanned format. Feel free to modify them for your own situation.

Santa Ornament
Tin Can Lanterns
Decorated Pencils
Memo Minder
Owl Magnet
Dog Magnet
Wormy Apple
Peanut Man
Crafts with nuts
Thanksgiving Turkey
Hallowe'en Marshmallow Treats
Christmas Card Cut-ups - 1
Christmas Card Cut-ups - 2
Pom Pom Animals - Owl, Lady Bug, Snoopy
Pom Pom Animals - Duck, Bear
Valentine's Hearts - 1

Valentine's Hearts - 2
Crafts using creamers
Life Savers Decorations for all seasons
Ophelia Mouse
Bookmarks - 1
Bookmarks - 2
Tin Can Lanterns
Pasta Wreath
Plastic Champagne Ornament
Tree Ornaments
Dog Biscuit Dog
Bead Teddy Bear
Felt Key Chains and tags
Fish Comb Holder
Painted Stones
Pencil Toppers