If You're a Little Beaver

Tune: Battle Hymn of the Republic

If you're a little Beaver
Then you wear a vest of brown
You're always very friendly
And you never wear a frown.
You try real hard to do what's right
You always do your best.
Oh, we are little Beavers
You can tell by our vest.


We are .(Colony name)..
Busy Beavers (3x)
And we are oh so proud !

Oh, we are all in Colonies
And here are some names.
The place we meet is called the pond,
Our work is just a game.
Our little group is called a lodge
Each with a friend to lead.
And when we pay our dues each week
The Big Brown Beaver we feed.

We're learning our Beaver Promise,
And we learned our Beaver Law.
And when we salute you all,
We use our little paw.
For of others we do care,
For now we are a Beaver,
And our motto is to share.