Down By the Bay

Down by the bay,
Where the watermelons grow
Back to my home
I dare not go
For if I do
My mother would say
Have you ever seen a bee
With Sunburned knees
Down by the Bay.

Cow with a green eyebrow
Pig wearing a wig
Goose kissing a moose
Whale with a polka dot tail
Fly wearing a tie
Bear combing his hair
Llamas eating their pyjamas
Flea with a sunburnt knee
Cat wearing a hat
Moose riding a caboose
Fish eating off a dish
Moon calling to a loon
Clam playing ball with a lamb
Snail going out for a sail
Shrimp sunning with a shrimp
Snake munching birthday cake
Seal balancing a meal
Jellyfish eating from a dish
Duck driving a truck
Sea star doing chin-ups on a bar
Turtle jumping a hurdle
Goose with a loose front tooth
Goat with an overcoat
Horse in the Royal Air Force
Scout with a case of gout
Cub that looks like a stubb
Beaver that couldn't be neater
Pig doing the jig
Bench speaking french
Horse signing a divorce
Fly eating a pie
Turtle wearing a girdle
Bear singing to a chair
Dog dancing with a hog
Rat chasing a cat
Ape eating a grape
Car smoking a cigar