Good Night Beavers

Tune: Goodnight Irene

Foxes sleep in the forest,
Lions sleep in their dens,
Goats sleep on the mountain side,
And piggies sleep in pens.


Beavers goodnight, Beavers goodnight
Good night Beavers, Good Night Beavers,
I'll see you in my dreams.

Whales sleep in the ocean,
Zebras sleep on land,
Hippos sleep by the river side,
And camels sleep on sand.

Froggies sleep in ponds,
Shells have sleeping clams,
Goldfish sleep in their fish bowls,
And beavers sleep in dams.

Coyote sleeps in the canyon,
A birdie sleeps in a tree,
And when it's time for me to rest,
My bed's the place for me.