First Night Running a Pack

Although some of the information here is dated, there are a number of good ideas that can be translated to the current program... use your current leader's guide to determine which information can be used. Source of this information was a handout from a Woodbadge course that I took a few years ago.
List of equipment needed

To run an adequate Pack and get the most out of Cubbing for the
boys, your Leaders need:

Leaders Books:
1.  A Guide for New Cub Leaders (Having Fun With Cubs.)
2.  Cub Leader's Handbook.
3.  The Pack Book.
4.  The Cub Book.
5.  By Laws, Policies, Procedures.
6.  Let's Celebrate.
7.  Pack Program Planning Guide.

Pack Books.
1.  Jungle Stories.
2.  Fun with Knots.
3.  Pack Record Book.
4.  Sixer's Record Books.
5.  Baden-Powell.
6.  Campfire Song Book.
7.  Pocket Record Cards.
8.  Star and Badge Chart.
9.  Crafts for Cub Scouts.

Pack Equipment:
1.  Totem Pole.
2.  Pack Flag.
3.  Canadian Flag.
4.  Ropes, 36 - 6 ft. lengths.
5.  Balls, 6 (Sixer's boxes).
6.  Large Ball.
7.  Bean bags, 6 (Six boxes)
8.  Equipment box ( 24 x 24 x 36 )
9.  Handicraft Material (when needed)
10. Six Boxes (10 x 10 x 24) (can be made by Sixers)
11. First Aid Kit and instruction book.
12. Artificial Camp Fire.
13. Full Moon.
14. Lair Curtains. (decorated by boys)

Equipment for each six box
1 Bean Bag; 1 small ball; band aids; pencil, dues cards; note
books; blunt scissors, 6" ruler, Six record book.

It has been found that the equipment listed is a must, to instill
the pride of responsibility and ownership in the boys, and to
ensure that your leaders are putting across the Cub program as it
is meant to be.  Don't tie your Leader's hands by inadequate

The Service Team will be glad to talk over any questions you may



Have you ever sent a letter to your parents before the first
meeting in the fall, mailed in August, and sent to all Parents of
new chums as they enter the Pack during the season, advising them
of rules and regulations of your Pack ?

Sample Letter

Dear Parent,

The ........Pack will open on September 7:00 p.m.
sharp, closing at 8:30 p.m. sharp.  You will be notified well in
advance in any change of times or special events that might keep
the boys later.

To help us run a better Cub Pack and see that the boys get as
much as possible from the program we ask your co-operation with
the rules we have put down in this Pack:

1.  Time.

2.  Full complete regulation uniform at every meeting.  (Long
pants to be worn over short pants in cold weather).  Shoes that
hold a polish for openings and inspection, running shoes with
them for games.  Pride in themselves leads to pride in the Pack.

3.  Registration - cost, date to be in and why.

4.  Dues each week - if boy misses he brings dues for time

5. Leaders names and phone numbers.

6.  Phone call to one of the Leaders if boy unable to attend

7.  If boys are away three weeks running without notifying a
    Leader, boy is automatically out of the Pack, because it is not
    fair to his Six or to other boys who want to join and can't
    because of no room.

                    * * * * * * * * * *

This letter lets the parents know where they stand and where you
stand.  Notify well in advance all extra events.

Insist on Rule Number 2 at all times.  If you do not invest a boy
unless you have him in complete uniform, this rule will be easy
to follow and keep.


Jungle Cubbing

Cubbing is based on a parable Baden-Powell saw in Kipling's
"Jungle Books", the framework upon which could be built a scheme
of training suitable for boys 8 to 11 who were interested in
Scouting.  He saw the connection between the unruly, volatile
herds in which the Cub age boy loves to rush about and the
disciplined, purposeful Pack of Wolves.  He saw a parallel between
the Indian boy, Mowgli, growing up in a strange and often hostile
jungle and the boy of today growing up in a world which takes
every bit as much understanding.  He saw a parallel between help
given to Mowgli by Baloo, Bagheera and others who knew the Jungle
and its ways, and the help and adult can give the boy of today.
Baden-Powell's first step was to emphasize the need for willing
acceptance of discipline upon which happiness and success
depends, and to emphasize the need for loyalty to the Pack and
it's Leaders.  In its way the Grand Howl helps to crystallize this
for the Cub in a typical Cub way.  It is an exercise in
discipline and good order and a grand way for Cubs to let off

In our terminology, law, activities and indeed in the whole life
of the Pack, the Jungle background should always be present.  All
Cubs must be familiar with the Jungle stories and the names of
the Jungle animals in order that the scheme of Cubbing should
make sense.  Jungle atmosphere still leaves room for other forms
of imaginative activity.  Boys love to act, be anything but a
boy, what better way to provide use of imagination, love of
acting and the same time teach valuable lessons than the Jungle
stories, Jungle dances.  They help the boy to control his body,
contrast wrong and right, provides valuable training in
discipline and just plain fun, what better way to learn than
having fun doing it.

Success depends on right atmosphere, right approach, and your own
convictions in what you are doing and having fun doing it.

First set the stage, with the help of all Leaders and the Boys
(they have great imaginations).

Totem Pole: Tells history of Pack, all ribbons hung on, Totem is
an Indian word meaning crest, our crest is the Wolf Head, tells
the boys they belong to a large family.  It is theirs, be proud
of it, take care of it.

Lair curtains: Makes a corner of the Pack Den which is theirs,
belongs especially to their own six.

Moon: Full moon, used alone or with campfire, it adds greatly to

Council Rock: Is used by Akela for story-telling, yarns, games,
dances.  Made from a box covered with a tiger skin cloth.

Indoor campfire: Wonderful setting for the story-time and helps
end meeting on a quiet note.


The Grand Howl

The Grand Howl is the controlled, eager greeting of the boys to
their Leader used at the beginning and end of Pack meetings.  It
is an expression of welcome and of delight, of unity and good
discipline.  Boys like to make noise, and the Grand Howl is a
safety valve by which they can satisfy that basic feeling.

The Grand Howl is the major part of ceremonies, also used to
thank special guests (Leader stands in circle with guest when the
Grand Howl is given).

Cubs in Lairs.  Akela in center of floor.

AKELA: Pack.  Pack Pack Pack.

CUBS: Call long drawn out Pack, form Rock Circle around Akela.

AKELA: Form Parade Circle.

AKELA: Pack Alert, nods at the Lead Cub to take Howl.

Lead Cub up on toes, hands out, goes into the squat position,
with all Cubs going down together, knees apart, two fingers
together, backs straight, all together Ah - kay - la (three
distinct syllables with equal emphasis on each syllable).
We-e-e-ll do-o-o  o-o-u-u-r BEST.
We'll is a long squeal.
BEST is sharp and loud and short, and all together on the 'T',
Cubs spring (a real jump) to the Alert with two fingers of each
hand together pointing upwards at each side of their forehead, to
look like a wolf's ears.
Then they keep the two hands up while the lead Cub says in a
commanding voice 'Dyb, Dyb, Dyb, Dyb'.
After the fourth 'Dyb', Akela salutes at which time every Cub
drops his left hand smartly changing to the Salute (2 fingers
apart at side of cap) squeals 'We-e-e-ll" and barks out 'Dob,
Dob, Dob'.
After fourth 'Dob', each Cub drops his right hand smartly to his
side and remains at the Alert waiting for next command from Akela
or other Leaders.



Freeze and silence.  Hold and listen for next command.

Not attention.  Hands at sides, thumbs on seam of shorts, hands
closed.  Make it quite clear to your boys that they hold this
position NO MATTER WHAT, until the next command.  Make it
continuous at all times.

Feet - one foot apart, hands clasped behind back.  No movement,
no talking.

Feet - one foot apart, may move hands and body, but not feet.

Howl position

On floor Indian style or hands on knees.  This is the best
position around room or in parade circle if you are talking to
the boys for more than two minutes.  If you have something to
tell the boys never stand with your back to any one group, off
the side of the floor or join them in a small parade circle.

Cubs run in yelling long drawn out P-A-C-K form rock circle
shoulder to shoulder.  Leader gives command for next position
(also used for Grand Howl when next command is, for Parade

Commands, when used properly and not abused by Leaders or boys,
makes for better discipline as well as fun for all.  Never leave
boys in one position too long.  The boys stand at the Alert while
you are at the Alert, stand at Ease when you are at Ease.  All
Commands are given clearly, smartly.  The boys will respond
quickly if commands are given properly.  The following page is a
sample program, you may not get it all in, don't worry about it.
Run by your watch not so much the program content, but try again
next week and again and again and again.  You will find it easier
to get more in as time goes by and as you get better control of
the boys.

Never turn your back on the Pack.  Above all start on time and
end on time.  Always keep boys active.



The purpose of programs written down each week in advance, is
so that each leader knows what he/she is doing, when and where in
the program, what equipment is required and ready to step on the
floor before other Leaders get to the side.

If certain parts of the program are not going well, CUT IT and go
on to the next item.  Don't throw it away, try it again sometime.

All leaders assist the Leader on floor at all times, join in, and
join with your boys for a better program.

If trouble starts nip it right then, don't let it build.

Pack Meeting

6:50 Sixes in Lairs, collect dues, mark books, prepare for
     opening.  Duty Six appointed the week before prepare equipment
     for the meeting.  Leaders prepare and set out all equipment
     necessary for programs.

6:58 Sixers bring dues and dues book to pre-arranged assistant.

7:00 Leader walks to middle of floor calls PACK, then PACK-PACK-
     PACK.  Boys respond with long drawn out PACK, forming a Rock
     Circle around Leader.  Leader gives next command, Form Parade
     Circle.  If Cubs do not respond properly, send them back until
     they do, (remind them it is their time they are wasting).  Leader
     gives command Pack Alert, all New Chums and boys not in complete
     uniform take one step back from the Circle and remain at the
     Alert during Grand Howl.  (If Grand Howl is not done properly
     repeat and repeat until it is.)

While Leader is taking Grand Howl other Leaders are around the
outside of Circle helping keep control, not off to one side.  You
are supposed to be a team, work as one for the betterment of the
Pack, after all, it is your Pack too.  If boys are late and
meeting has started, they stand quietly inside the door until the
event going on is finished and then quietly join their Six.

After Grand Howl boys rejoin circle.

7:05 Prepare for Prayers.  Break flag if used (Queen or O Canada.)

7:07 Alert Pack back to Lairs for inspection.

7:10 Fast game.

7:15 Quiet game.  One of sense training games.

7:25 Instruction, small groups.

7:35 Instruction game - compass, knots, sense, Kim or first aid.

7:45 Fun game.

7:50 Hot potato (review, quiz) Badges and tests may be checked

8:05 Quiet game or fast game.

8:10 Quiet game.

8:15 Yarn or sing-song.

8:20 Clean up Lairs, prepare for Grand Howl.

8:25 Announcements and appoint Duty Six for next meeting.

8:25 Grand Howl, Prayers, Lower flag, Queen or O Canada if used.

8:30 Clear room, straight home.


Inspection Points
                               Each Cub

Attendance                         5
Full clean uniform                 5
Tidy scarf                         5
Dues                               5
Star Book                          2
Pen or Pencil                      2
Note book                          2
Clean paws                         2
Clean claws                        2
Fangs cleaned                      2
Fur combed                         2
Paws shined                        2
Church or Sunday school            5
Badges in place                    2
Handkerchief                       2
Good turn                          2
Special event
Total Points:

Each item is not done weekly by the Leaders.  Pick out four items
weekly.  However, the boys are told what is on the chart.  The
points as shown above are merely a suggestion, and may be


Jungle Opening

Room in darkness except for Moon.
Totem Pole in middle of floor.

Cubs in Lairs.
Akela at top of room, Assistants around the room

AKELA:  "Look well, O Wolves, Look Well."

CUBS :   Short Howl like wolves.

BALOO:  "Now this is the Law of the Jungle,
         As old and as true as the sky.
         And the Wolf that shall keep it may prosper,
         But the Wolf that shall break it must die."

CUBS :   The Cub gives in to the Old Wolf.
         The Cub does not give in to himself.

Cubs crawl from Lairs in line behind Sixer saying:
        "We are the (Six colour) Wolves."

Parade Circle is formed.  Totem is placed in centre.

AKELA:  "As the dawn was breaking the Wolf Pack yelled."



CUBS :  (Softly) "NO MARK."


CUBS :  "(Mysteriously) "THE DARK."


CUBS :  Then do the howl.


Jungle Closing

Cubs in Lairs.  Room in moonlight.

BALOO:  "This is the hour of pride and power.
         Talon and tusk and claw.
         Oh, hear the call - Good Hunting all.
         That keep the Jungle law.

PACK --- PACK --- PACK (Slowly and drawn out).
Cubs crawl out of lairs, Sixers leading, Six in single file; form
Parade Circle.

BALOO:  "Because of his age and his cunning,
         Because of his grip and his paw,
         In all that the Law leaveth open,
         The word of the Head Wolf is Law."

PACK:   "The Cub gives in to the Old Wolf.
         The Cub does not give in to himself."

AKELA:  "As the dawn was breaking the Wolf Pack yelled."



CUBS :  (Softly) "NO MARK."


CUBS :  "(Mysteriously) "THE DARK."


The Grand Howl

AKELA:  "There is none like me,
         Says the Cub in the pride of his earliest kill.
         But the Jungle is large and the Cub, he is small,
         Let him think and be still."

Prepare for prayer.

Cub Prayer

Help us, O Lord, to love Thee,
Day by day, to do our Duty,
To enjoy our play, to keep our Wolf Cub promise, and to Rest,
Happy that we have tried our best.

AKELA:  (Holding up one hand)
        "Wood and water, Wind and Tree,
         Wisdom, Strength and Courtesy,
         Jungle Favour, go with Thee,
         Good Hunting, Pack."

Akela salutes Pack, Cubs return salute and say, "Good night,
Akela, Good night Old Wolves."