Jungle Names for the Cub Pack

1) Names held 'Ex Officio'

AkelaHead WolfCubmaster
BalooThe BearAssistant Cubmaster
BagheeraBlack PantherAssistant Cubmaster
RakshaMother WolfAssistant Cubmaster

Black Plume Sixer
Brown Tip Sixer
Grey Brother Sixer
Red Fang Sixer
Tawny Fur Sixer
White Claw Sixer
SahiThe PorcupinePack Scribe
White Hood Pack Storekeeper

2) Names awarded for prowess in Cub Activities.

AhdeekThe ReindeerTeam games
ApukwaThe BulrushWeaving
Blue Smoke Signalling
ChilThe KiteSinging
Crimson Arrow Throwing and catching
DahindaThe BullfrogLeapfrog, cartwheels,etc.
Ferao The Scarlet

Golden Quil Artist
Hawkeye Observation
Hiawatha All-round athletics
IagooThe Story TellerTelling stories
JacalaThe CrocodileActing
KaaThe PythonTree Climbing
KarelaThe Bitter VineKnotting
KeegoThe FishSwimming
KeneuThe Great War EagleRunning
KotickThe SealWrestling
KwasinThe Strong ManBoxing
LimmerskinThe WrenMessage carrying
Little Beaver Lair Building
MysaThe Wild BuffaloGood Hearing
NagThe CobraFirst Aid
Nushka"Look !"Guide
OonaiThe WolfReciting
PukeenaThe GrasshopperHigh Jump
Scarlet Feather Fire Lighting
Sea CatchThe SealDiving
Shaw-ShawThe SwallowSkipping
SingumThe LionBook-carrying
RannThe EagleGood eyesight
Tilji-PhoThe LarkMusician
Toomai Folk dancing
WabeenoThe MagicianWalking the Plank
WawbeckThe RockModelling
White Elk Long jump
Won-Tolla Hopping

3) Names awarded by Akela at his discretion.

HathiThe ElephantRegular Attendance
JeebiThe GhostFattest Cub
KimLittle Friend of all 

KoThe CrowNoisiest Cub
MangThe BatObedience
MorThe PeacockTidiness and cleanliness
Onaway"Awake !"Alertness
ShadaThe PelicanPerseverance
Rikki-Tikki-TaviThe MongooseCheeriness
Mowgli Friend to Animals
SonaThe Himalayan BearGood Manners
SuggeemaThe MosquitoSmallest Cub
Tall Pine Tallest Cub