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Your Own Website

You too can have your WWW home on this server and use the prestigious address:

If you are:

- A Canadian Scouting group.
- Wanting your Group/Section to have a site on the Web.

You will receive:

- Up to 100 Mb of web space (a slight charge if you need more).
- Your own email address.

How it works:

Option 1
a) If you know HTML, code your own pages and email them to the Webmaster.

b)When you want to update your pages, email the updates to the Webmaster.

Option 2
a) If you don't know HTML, the Webmaster can code pages for you, based on the information that you provide.

b) Updates are allowed once per week. More than that and a small donation is asked, to help keep thriving.

Option 3
If you are experienced with website production, you will receive FTP access to your site, so that you can produce and upload your material yourself.

NOTE: There are currently no costs to the participating Scout groups. However, as it costs over $500 a year (current costs) for to exist, all donations to are welcome. Contact the Webmaster for an address to send it to (for maintaining the registration of our domain name and domain hosting). If an imposition of fees is necessary, it will be communicated with participants well in advance.

This offer is open to any Canadian Scout group regardless of affiliation. "A Scout is a friend to all and a brother to every other Scout". If you need more information, or have any comments, please contact the Webmaster.