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Animal Clapping Game



Game Description

Sit everyone is a circle. The one teaching the game is the elephant and has to know the game very well. Start to give every position in the circle the name of an animal. The animal to the elephants right is the second highest in rank and so on down. The one to the left is the Loser and it's gesture is to put an "L" sign on the forehead. Find gestures for every animal.

Everyone wants to get up next to the elephants position. The elephants starts by doing an elephant gesture (pinching nose and sticking the other arm through by elbow), and then does another gesture of another animal. But the trick is to do it all in rhythm. After the Leader makes the elephant gesture and the other gesture all the other players repeat, all in rythm

The players slap their knees and make their own animals gesture afterwards and then claps their hands and repeat the second gesture made by the Leader.

As soon as a player messes up the rhythm they go down to the losers position and everyone moves up.

You have to remember that when you are moved up to another animal seat you must use that animals gesture for the knee slaps. That is when the rhythm is most commonly messed up.

Once that is mastered you can start by everyone slaps their knees twice and then claps their hands twice, in rythm together. It makes it harder to keep the rhythm.

Remember to do your 'own' animals gesture on the two slaps on the knees and the other gesture on the two clapping beats.