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The "Who Are You" Game



Game Description

A player is chosen to stand in the middle of the circle and a number is called at random. The person with that number gets up from the seat goes to the person in the centre and says "Who are you?".

The player has to make up an identity e.g a footballer.The person whose number was called out then has to go around the circle pretending to be a footballer. When he is finished he then calls a number and makes up an identity for the next person to be i.e a person playing basketball would go around the circle pretending to bounch a ball, a comedian would have to tell a joke, a bricklayer would pretend he was building something.

The game continues till everyone has had a turn.

To liven up the game use ideas like when the person says "Who are you?" the other could reply "A Spice Girl" - the person would have to pretend to be a spice girl

- or a ballet dancer, a barking dog, a galloping horse etc.

The list of amusing situations is endless.

This game is excellent for confidence building and an ideal icebreaker.