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The teams are lined up as for a relay and told that they are looking for a new James Bond. This is a trial to see whether anyone would be good enough to take the part - set the scene.

Each player in turn has to go to the top secret establishment at the opposite end of the hall and retrieve the secret plans which they get by just touching the wall.

However there are a number of hazards en-route. They have to crawl under the barbed wire and then jump over the stream filled with pirhana fish - not been fed this week!

They must creep through the trembler minefield - any shock will set them off.

Over the high voltage wire and under the lower laser beam and over the higher one. Of course they mustn't make any noise or they will wake up the guard with his machine gun in the observation tower.

None of the objects actually exist. They all have to be remembered and the appropriate action taken. If help is needed they can sign to their team who can mime the next action.

Each person has to go through all the hazards to the wall and back again without 'dying' in the attempt.

At the end you explain to them why none of them survived. Bottoms hit the barbed wire. They did not place the streams position correctly. Their back foot touched the EHT wire and so on.

I have played this with many Packs in Hendon and Edgware District as a DCSL and with a Webelos Den in Texas. Enjoy it.