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Minutes Peace


A watch with seconds

Game Description

To set up the game get the players to stand in a space, circle, line, etc. in a position so they cant see a clock or anything else that may help them time a minute. (get watches off them as well).

The aim of the game is to accuratly time one minute without the aid of a watch. The time starts when the Leader says go and when they think a minutes passed they sit down. If they say a word there disqualified (that's the best bit).

The one who sits down nearest to the minute is the winner.

Strangly if you dont play this game to often my beavers are quite happy playing this 2 or 3 times in one night. Best used as a last resort.

If everyone has a watch then it may be easier to get the Scouts to stand at ease, therefore the watches will be out of their site.

Perfect for when your just about to pull your hair out.