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Sleeping Pirate


A Blindfold (Scarf)
A Bell

Game Description

The object of the game is to ring the ship's bell without being caught by the "sleeping pirate".

One player is volunteered to be blindfolded, and is sat cross-legged in the centre of the room or playing area. A bell (or other suitable alarm-raising object such as a whistle, rattle etc) is placed on the floor in front of the blindfolded player, and the other players form a seated circle around him or her.

The Leader stands outside of the circle and points to a player, who must then creep forward and ring the bell without being detected by the blindfolded pirate. The pirate listens for attackers and points at them to eliminate them from the game. The Leader states whether the point is a hit or miss. "Ghost" noises from players not actually attacking should be discouraged.

If an attacking player is caught, they return to the circle and a new player is chosen. If an attacking player successfully rings the bell, they become the pirate, and their predecessor joins the circle.

An alternative version is for the Pirate to be sat on a chair at one end of the hall with a set of keys beneath the chair. The players have to get the keys and return them to the start. This can be played with multiple pirates.