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Indoor Ice Hockey


Broom handles or hockey sticks
Freezer ice block

Game Description

Divide the hall into 4 equal squares (best done with chalk, as this can be washed off easily afterwards). A player stands in each square with an old broom handle (or even a hockey stick). One player also has a plastic freezer ice block.

On the starting signal the player with the freezer block hits it into another persons square. The idea of the game is to keep the freezer block out of your square. The player with the block in their square on the finishing signal loses.

At this point you can either change all of the players - or play winners stay on.

Idea: instead of just blowing a whistle or saying start or stop - why not play it along to music (ie. when the music starts - so does the game and when the music stops, so does the game). You will find that the players get much more motivated.