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Bench Ball 2


Two benches,
1 or more balls
Marking euipment

Game Description

This Game is basicly the same as Bench Ball although when the goal gets the ball he/she has to try and hit the team in front of them below waist height. If the ball hits their legs then they have to go and be a goal on the bench opposite them as well as the goal(s) on the bench.

This means that there can be multiple 'goals' on the bench at one time.

The team members are able to bend down and cover their legs with their arms but are not alowed to crouch down. Rest of rules are the same as "Bench Ball"

There's yet another version whereby no 'goal' is initially chosen and the two teams start facing each other. They then try and hit each other below the waist as above. Whoever get's hit has to then be a 'goal' on the opposite bench (behind the opposing team). If their team then throw the ball to the goals (over the heads of the opposing team) all the 'goals' are freed to return to their team.