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Catch the Scarf


One Scarf
Something to show the teams where to stand such as 2 pieces of rope. 4 branches put in the ground etc
A whistle.

Game Description

The Leader stands in the field exactly between the 2 teams, holding the scarf between two fingers, away from her/his body. Each team stand behind their "border-line" some distance away from the other team. The distance depends on the age of the participants, Beavers 5 meters, Venturers 10 meters.

The leader calls out 2 names, one from each team, and then calls "now" or whistles. As soon as the "now"/whistle has sounded, the 2 scouts run to capture the scarf, and run "home".

Let's say, that "A" captures the scarf. "A" hurries "home", - BUT if "B" touches "A" before "A" gets "home" then "B" wins. If "A" gets "home" without beeing caught by "B" then "A" wins.

BUT HOW DOES IT END ? Let's say that "B" wins the first run, - then "B"'s prize is, to get "A" on his/her team.

Then the leader calls out 2 new names, and the game continues like this....untill there are no more players on one of the teams!!! This is the social version. there is no loser, because everybody is on the winning team in the end !!!

The game can be played in two versions : in the competition version, you stay at your original team and the winner of each little run scores a point to his/her team.

This game is good if a new leader needs to learn the names of everybody - quickly.