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50 - 100m stretch of dense woodland
A can or anything to smuggle - a length of rope / chair / fire extinguisher etc

Game Description

In two teams, one team are smugglers, the other are customs, inland revenue or whatever.

Best played in thick woods, the smugglers must try to sneak a single item such as can of plutonium or a bag of diamonds, etc through a particular area of woods where the other team lie in wait, to a finishing line. Tactics include sending off decoys, guarding the courier, having 'scouts' going up ahead of the cargo, caches, etc.

The game finishes when the cargo is captured or succesfully smuggled, then swap team roles and start again.

Points to note:

-Clearly define the bounds for the game
-It's better to have a finishing line - eg edge of the wood, than a finishing point as the customs team will just 'goal hang' at the end otherwise.
-No torches
-Don't run in dense woodland at night because of the dangers - holes, branches and 'bogeymen' - leaders