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The Old Willow Tree


A small, hard, long stick or twig

Game Description

A person starts as catcher (The haunted willow tree). He will hold the twig in his hand. The "adventurers" will stand around. Then the leader of the "adventurers" will snatch the twig and run off with all the others. Once the twig is snatched off, the haunted tree will come alive and try to catch someone, but the person with the twig will not be caught.

If the catcher is going to catch one of the adventurers, the person holding the twig may pass it to him so that he will not be caught.

The person which gets caught will team up with the willow tree and become a willow tree itself and try to make a lot of willow trees. This game is very exciting when the willow trees become more than the adventurers.

The haunted trees will be different from the "adventurers" by looking at the scarf. The catchers can have the scarfs the other way around.

The game carries on until the last adventurer is left, and since he will be the only one holding the stick, the trees can't catch him and he will "kill" all the trees with the stick.