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Circular Juggling


At least 10 different balls - footballs, tennis balls, sponge balls, bean bags etc. Any kind as long as two donít look the same.

Game Description

The Cubs stand in a circle with a leader in the centre with all the equipment within reach behind them.

The leader throws the first ball to a Cub after shouting his/her name, the Cub then passes through the air to another person opposite them, this carrys on untill all the Cubs have had the ball, and the last one throws it back to the leader who started it. Start again whith the players passing the ball to same person they passed it to the first time round, after around 5-10 seconds the leader throws in another ball, again to same person, so two balls are going in the same direction each other only a few seconds apart.

Add new balls and bean bags etc and see how many you can have going around at any one time

Our record is 15 objects with 23 cubs