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Chalk Circle #1


Chalk - Variation would work with pens and pads out of doors.

Game Description

Split into teams of equal number, size, strength.

Each Team is assigned a home corner or area.

A chalk circle is drawn infront of each teams base.

The teams are numbered/named. The teams are each given one piece of chalk. (i.e. only one Scout can have the chalk at any one time).

Object of the game is to attack the opposition chalk circle and plant chalk crosses (X) in the circle - like shots! Of course, the opposition are at the same time attempting to attack your circle too. You will need to attack and defend.

The Leader calls two teams. On his whistle the game begins.

The attacking Scouts will need to protect their chalk carrier or pass the chalk around to get past the oppositions defence.

The defense can stop (by pulling away, carrying away etc.,) the attacker from drawing Xs in their circle. Defense are not allowed to erase Xs from their circle.

When the whistle blows to stop, the Xs are counted and the team with the least Xs won the round.

Variations and rules can be applied as required.
i.e. call 3 or 4 teams out. Only those < 12 yrs. No running with the chalk etc.,
Leaders will need to ensure usual good practice of no kicking, punching etc.,