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Two stable chairs or other items a goal keeper can stand on.
A ball, or more than one if you feel like making it more interesting

Game Description

Benchball is just a variation of netball, where the goals are replaced by a member of the team (the "goal")


Place two chairs at opposite ends of the playing area.

Define/mark off goal areas in which no player is allowed to go.

Select two teams.

Each team has to elect a "goal".

(Now for the bit that always causes confusion) The elected "goal" has to go and stand on the chair behind the opposition team (don't know why but however you explain this it never seems to sink in!)


No player must go into the goal area.
Physical contact must be kept to a minimum, and no "snatching" the ball out of player's hands.
No player is allowed to take more than 2 steps with the ball.
The ball must be thrown (without bouncing) to your keeper for a goal to be scored.
Team with the highest score at the end wins.

Optional Rules:

Once a goal is scored the "goal" must change -AND/OR-
When the referee shouts "Change Goals" the "goal" must change.


This game benefits from a "sin-bin"

With a large number of players you may wish to complicate the issue by introducing more than one ball or even more than two goals (if you are playing in a large hall or outside)

If you are playing with Beavers you may wish to place Helpers/Leaders on or besides the chairs.

Suggested maximum team sizes are about 10. If you have more you could split them up and have a team "sitting out", cheering on the opposition.

See Bench Ball 2 for a more complex and more exciting version