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Horse and Jockey


Scout Neckerchiefs or Bean Bags (1 per team of two)
1 Whistle

Game Description

Player are split into groups of two and form a circle. One player from each team (the jockey) stands behind the other (the horse) to form two circles.

Place one bean bag or neckerchief in the middle of the circle for each team (horse and jockey) less one i.e. - as many bean bags as teams, minus one (as an example, if there are ten teams, place nine bean bags)

The jockeys then start to run around the outside of the circle of horses. When a whistle is blown the jockeys runs around to his own horse, dives between his horses legs, picks up a scarf/bean bag and then goes back through his horses legs and climbs on his back.

The team without a bean bag/neckerchief is out and sits down. Continue, removing one extra bag/necker for each round.

The winner is the team of horse and jockey left in. Then change the the role of horse and jockey around and begin again.

For a version requiring no equipment, see Horse and Rider