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None (well maybe a piece of chalk to draw a line down the centre of the hall)

Game Description

Split the Scouts into 2 equal teams. Split your hall in half by a chalk line down the middle or split your playing area into two. Each team has a half to defend.

Choose a team to raid first. One player from that team crosses the line and, whilst holding his/her breath, attempts to tag as many of the opposing team as possible and then return to their own half. If he/she makes it back then all the scouts which have been tagged are out and must sit out the rest of the game.

If, however the defending team manage to stop the "raiding" scout from crossing back into his own half then the raiding scout is out and all those who have been tagged stay in. Teams take it in turns to raid. The winning team is the first to knock out all the opposing teams players

We usually play best of three rounds and find the smaller faster Scouts tend to stay in longer.