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Scarves/Neckers - 1 for each Scout or Guide

Game Description

Divide the group into 2 teams (although you could probably try with more teams - we'd love to hear how you get on)

Each Scout/Guide tucks a Scarf into his/her trousers/skirt ...and starts off in a "home" area. At the start everyone is free to run around wherever they want but not into the home area of another team.

The idea is to capture scarves from players in the other team. If a player captures a scarf (by pulling it off another player) then they take that scarf back to their home area. The player who has lost his/her scarf must return to his/her home and stay there.

However, if there is a captured scarf there then that player may use that scarf (tucking it in as before) and return to play. Players remain with their team throughout so it doesn't really matter whether the scarves were all the same colour to start with...

A team remains active so long as one of its players has a scarf and can go out and try and capture scarves for other team members. Once a team has no scarves (and therefore no active members) that team is out, and the other team has won (unless there were more than 2 teams).


You are not allowed to hold your scarf to prevent someone taking it
You are not allowed to snatch a captured scarf while it is in or being carried to a home.


It's possible to play so that scarves can be swapped from one team member to another so that if a player gets very tired they can return to their home and give the scarf to a member of their team who has no scarf.

Sometimes it's also worth letting people rest in their home areas but it may be prudent to limit the time they may stay there.


It is probably worthwhile to get the leaders to specify how much scarf is showing otherwise players may try and tuck it in so that you can only see about 5cm - in which case it is very difficult to capture it!

The game requires a fair amount of space per player, but if played over too large an area the game can be too difficult unless there are a lot of players!

Note that it's a good idea to check that the players have their names on their neckerchieves before starting and that their woggles are put in a safe place before they fall off, get troden on and broken!

As an alternative, a simpler version of this game can be played as a game for individuals