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Water Ferrying Wide Game


Food dye coloured water in old squash bottles
Plastic cups
2 Whistles
Empty Squash bottles with lids

Game Description

Two leaders roam an outdoor area (preferably woods). Each blows whistle blasts at 3 minute intervals (staggered). They should try to remain in hearing of each other. One leader blows 2 blasts, the other leader 3 blasts.

One leader has a large squash bottle of coloured water and a supply of plastic cups. The other leader starts with one empty squash bottle per team, with the each teamís name written on their bottle. Teams ferry water between the two leaders, at the end of the game (signalled by long whistle blasts) the team with the most water is the winner.

To encourage teamwork it is a good idea to rule that water will only be given to or received from complete teams.

Teams are allowed to break each otherís cups, but are not allowed to lurk around either of the two leaders.