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Peas in the dark


A box of dried peas

Game Description

An ideal game for dark winter evenings in the Scout Hut, but unless the floor is quite clean you can expect a lot of very grubby knees!

When it goes dark towards the end of a meeting, divide the players into two to four teams (lodges, sixes, patrols etc.). Arrange one collector for each team (a leader/helper is ideal) to sit on a chair in a corner with a suitable container e.g ice cream carton.

Scatter a box of peas onto the floor and put out all the lights. Each team must try to collect as many peas as possible and find their way to their own collector in the dark. The team that collects the most peas is the winner.

Carry on until all the peas have gone, or for a specific period of time. If the collection rate is slowing down flash the lights on for a second or two to give a chance to find an undiscovered hoard of peas in some dank and dusty corner!

This game can be useful if somebody has lost something small, as it inevitable turns up amongst somebody’s box of peas!