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Operation Codebuster


Code Sequences located around the playing area

Game Description

This is a Wide Game using CBs.

Each Patrol is given a sheet with the Rules of the Game as detailed below and a CB. Their challenge is to find a number of Sequence Codes in the correct order and communicate them back to the base. When all the codes have been received the Patrol retrn to base and decypher the code.

The Code Sequences can be created to suit. An 8 character code will allow an 8 by 8 grid to be created, the codes the Patrols find are drawn down the grid and when all the codes are put together ther will read left to right. The result should be a question for the Scouts to answer.


Hidden in 8 locations are 8 sets of code sequences. Intelligence sources have located 4 of these codes, the rest have not yet been located. You must locate these codes one by one, and in the correct sequence. Intelligence agents have been unable to find out the correct sequence so this is also your job.

For example, if you are searching for the first code, and you find a code sequence located near the camp fire circle, you must relay the code sequence back to BASE HQ over the radio using the PHONETIC ALPHABET. You will then be informed by BASE HQ if the sequence you have given is the correct code for code1 or not. If it is not the correct code you must continue searching. Do not forget where you have found previous code sequences!

If your code sequence is correct for the code you are looking for, BASE HQ will agree and write down EXACTLEY what sequence you relayed over the radio. The method of encryption used means that one error will be accepted by BASE HQ per code sequence.

This is a timed exercise, the team must work together and must not split apart. Enemy field agents may be operating in the area and will arrest anybody on their own and detain them until the exercise is over.

Once all the code sequences have been found and relayed in the correct order, the team must return to BASE HQ, and decipher the code.

WARNING! Enemy field agents may be operating in the area and could try to jam your transmission. If this occurs, the whole team must return to BASE HQ to retune the radio. If radio communications is lost, the whole team must return to BASE HQ.

Your callsign is FOX ONE. BASE ONE will not respond to any other callsign. If radio reception is poor, it may be necessary to climb a tree to obtain better radio coverage.