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Detailed, large-scale map of the site (including the area considered to be "in bounds").
Leaders instructions.

Game Description

Each team is assigned to a Leader/helper/Venture Scout and given a copy of the map and a pencil.

Each Leader is given a copy of the map and a set of instructions, such as 'go to the gate in the SW corner of the field, stand on one leg and sing Rule Brittania'. (Each Leader should be given the same instructions, but the starting places can be different to avoid 'bunching'.)

As the Leaders make their way around the site/play area, they are followed/stalked by 'their' team. The team members should remain silent and keep out of sight at all times (impossible for cubs!), but they have to observe their Leader (foreign spy?), mark his route on the map and make a note of 'any unusual behaviour'.

Final instructions should bring the Leader and stalkers back to base where the organiser reviews each teamís results to assign points.

The original idea was by Iain Logue, but it has evolved over the years. The instructions can be straightforward ('sit on the wall') or as bizarre as you like, as long as your Leaders are 'good sports'. The game can lead to legendary tales of improbable events, such as the time a family of picnicers was put to flight by the sight of a gentleman doing callisthenics in the middle of a stone circle.