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Mowgli’s Card Game


Square pieces of card 14-150 (depending upon number of players)
3 Leaders/helper

Game Description

There are two teams A and B.

You need to start off by valuing the cards, starting off with low value points for the top cards and then higher values for the bottom cards, also you have a ‘Mowgli trick card’ which is worth 15 points and is placed any where in the pack.

Leader one sets off with all the cards, then team A must find Leader one and get a card off him, this card must then be taken to Leader two who then keeps it, then Team A get another card and so on. Team B must try and stop Team A getting their cards to Leader two by tagging them, or by a bit of force, dependent upon ages, once team B have the card team A can not get the card back. Team B must then take the card to Leader three who keeps it, to make the game harder all the leaders are constantly moving about so the teams find it difficult to find the Leaders.

The game finishes when the whistle blows.

Some Rules:-

No un-necessary violonce
Only Leader one can give out cards
No guarding the leaders
The team collecting cards off Leader one can not take cards off of the other team.
Cards can not be counted if handed in after the whistle.
Only one card to be in any persons hand at one time.
Teams(and Leaders!) must keep to the set boundaries