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No Man's Land



Game Description

Split the Scouts into 2 teams.

Split the playing area into 5 zones so each team has a prison, their own area and a No Mans Land between them and the other teams area.

The idea of the game is to capture all of the other team.

If anyone enters No Man's Land, he can be claimed by the opposing team (using force if necessary) but the other team can oppose by holding their team-mate back. This can continue until the whole of each team is pulling each other. If any one is pulled in to the opposite team's zone, they are kept in the prison until they are released by any member of their own team running into the opposite prison and tagging them, (but both members can be caught at this point if they are too slow).

The game ends if all of one team is captured.

This game is best played out of uniform in own clothes owing to its rough nature. It is good for tiring out over-energetic Scouts, but they need to be reminded to take care