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Hank Rugby


A handkerchief
Two "goals" (plastic plates, sheets of paper, circles drawn on the ground)

Game Description

A cross between rugby, netball and hooliganism.

The players must try to score goals by touching the handkerchief on the goal. Pressure must be applied to score, that is it is not permitted to throw the handkerchief at the goal.

The player with the handkerchief may not move with it, he may only pass it to another player.

Passing is achieved by throwing the handkerchief. It must fly through the air, it is not permitted simply to pass it directly hand to hand.

Body contact of any kind is prohibited (just try administering this rule).

After each goal (and at the beginning) all players must be in their own half.

Play is started by Akela throwing the handkerchief in the air between two players (one from each team) who must grab it to gain control.