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two pieces of cutlery
2 CB Radios
Dark Clothing
A snappable stick about 1 metre long

Game Description

This game is proven to work because I have played it with members of the County PLC. The game must be organised by the Leaders and the older Scouts before the other Scouts are informed of playing the game.

Someone, preferably somebody that the Scouts do not know (perhaps a Leader from another Troop), takes the role of "the Old Wise Man". The wise man has one of the CB Radios and the pieces of cutlery.

The older Scouts who are going to be organising the game with the leaders are "Vampires/Werewolves". They hide somewhere in the woods (preferably a clearing), and they set the candles up in a circle, with the stick in the middle, one of them has the other CB Radio. The "Vampires" then wait in that area until the game has started.

The Scouts, who are not aware, are told to walk into the woods. They are jumped by the wise old man who only gives them a fright. He then tells them that there are Vampires in the woods, and that the Scouts are the only ones who can stop them. He tells them that there is only one way to kill them and that is to get the sceptre of evil (the metre long stick) and snap it in half. There is one drawback, if the vampires catch someone from their team, that person will become a Vampire him/herself.

The wise man then tells them that two of the team (picked by him at random) are religious, and must stay here, he gives two other Scouts pieces of cutlery and tells them that if the cutlery touches the vampire, it will burn him, and he will run away. He advises that one of the Scouts holding the cutlery stays with the two religious people, because if the vampires catch the two religious people, the vampires have won and the whole team lose.


He then gets the CB radio out and speaks to the Vampire on the end of the line, who takes the role of someone trying to find the Vampires while he is on the line. The "Vampire" then screams and the line goes dead. The old man then leaves them to carry out the game.