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Stepping Stones


Chairs (solid to stand on )
Table (one per team)

Game Description

Select teams , and provide a set of chairs or anything the players may stand on. The number of chairs is to be one more than the number in each team. In the middle of the course set up two tables or something that the players can get under , complete with a chair .

The game starts and the teams must traverse the course off the ground by standing on the chair and passing the odd chair to the front of the line . when the obsticle is reached the leading player goes under the table with a chair and so on untill all the team are under , they then proceed to the end of the course.

When they have the hang of it , take a chair away and repeat the course and so on untill there are only a few chairs left. In general it is 3 chairs less than the number of team members.

Each leg can be raced with the winners of each leg gaining points.

If the game is to be played by Beavers it is a very good idea to have plenty of people ready to steady the chairs. Or not to remove any chars at all.

It teaches good team work and cooperation with other team members.