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Backbreaking Skittles


Several light/soft footballs
Six plastic skittles
Chalk (or sting to divide area)

Game Description

This is best played in an enclosed area such as a hall.

Divide your area in half with a chalk line, which is not to be crossed by either team.

Select two equal teams. Place three skittles per team equally spaced across the hall about 20 feet back from the line, in each team's territory.

The idea is for each team to knock down all three of the opposing team's skittles, whilst defending their own. Several balls are used at once, however they can only be reclaimed from within the team's own territory, no crossing the line. The winning team's score is the number of their own skittles standing once the other teams are all knocked down. A number of rounds can be nominated and the aggregate score calculated for the final score. Players may only throw the balls under-arm. Using back and side walls to rebound off is allowed and is a good way to get round blockers. Teamwork in the form of passing along the line will also help.All players must stay on their feet when blocking incoming balls, and only one player at a time may directly block each skittle.

Note: This is also an excellent exercise for upper leg and back muscles - a couple of days afterwards they will definitely feel the effects of it! Hence the name!