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The Bomb Mission



Game Description

This game needs to be played in an area with hiding places such as a wood.

Create a number of equal teams, each team will be sent off to a different part of the playing area.

A number of Leaders (or PL's) are given the task of either handing out the Bombs (ballons) or discarging them (popping).

Each ballon is marked by the team who is carrying it so it can be identified later.

The thing that makes this game harder is that the Leaders hide themselves so that the Scouts have to use there sense of hearing and sight to find them.

The disopsal units have a whistle and the people who hand the ballons have torches. These are sounded at 1 minute intervals so that they can be found.

At the end of the game the team who has disposed of the most ballons are the winners.

To add a new element into the ga you can have extra Scouts who can pop the ballons in transit.

Before starting define a game over signal.